Практики общения в Skype

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Практики общения в Skype

Данные практики общения в Skype помогают мне в работе для решения ряда практических ситуаций и напрямую следуют из https://agilemanifesto.org/ и Практики управления знаниями и коммуникациями. Я не стал их переводить на русский, если кому-то интересно - то напишите пожалуйста.

Комментарии, вопросы, предложения приветствуются!

Skype Communication Rules

Chat Name

<Level/Account>_<Component>_[<Role> ] - Dynamic Part, Where Level = Account or Project

  • Component is Functional, e.g. Core, UI/UX.
  • Separate chat for single Component, one broadcast chat per Project, one chat per Dev/QA/Analysts, one Org Chat + any of ad-hoc chats
  • Skype chat dynamic name brings some message just as Dynamic part of Skype chat name - that's for broadcast cases, e.g. Test_Project - Улыбаемся и пашем.

Be Emotional

  • Be Creative, fun and emotional, but try not to hurt anyone's feeling. Report immediately on inappropriate joke personally to the author since he can always be misinterpreted
  • Apologize on being too emotional and don't take it too seriously Use it as a reason to discuss what matters to you. Try not to use bad language (especially with ladies in the chat) and deviant themes (e.g. 2ch, etc)

Skype Picture

  • Chat Picture - that's optional and dynamic
  • Current Styles -
  • For Tree project - something with Trees. That's example of QA Blockers picture. Scared-girl-lost-in-forest-looking-around-and-crying nj dxdeme F0012.png
  • For Analysts - Happy Tree Friends Party valentines animal by poulettegwadalaura-d5utja7.jpg
  • Choosing Chat picture is most fun - choose something with Trees and Component/Account/etc.to keep the style - You can do it anytime
  • Use memes - but with caution and not too often Nice memes - Waiting/Ждун, Cat + Lamp, etc.

New Skype version improvements

  • Use emoticons (e.g. to confirm/agree/disagree, etc) where possible -it saves time, space and express emotions. Personally i love them.
  • Avaliable in new version of Skype are -


Generic Rules

  • Try to keep all discussions in the corresponding group (see multicast preference), general Skype Chat - only for Urgent Question/Questions that impacts everyone
  • You can add anyone impacted to the skype chat if you feel so.
  • If not sure - ask in generic Skype or more top level chat
  • Always specify who are you adding to the chat, make sure person is mentioned in Team Matrix
  • Choose any language you like to communicate and switch to English when required (e.g. adding English Speaking colleagues)


  • Leave All conflicts outside multicast and broadcast chats - switch to personal chat immediately when something too emotional coming. Return back with result.
  • Leave chat if you too tired and busy (or if you leave the company)
  • If you need to find someone in skype - just try to search him and if > than 20 common contacts - probably that's your person
  • Url for joining should not be created/placed in public
  • Everything that could be captured should be captured in other places, e.g. wiki
  • There are well known limitations of written communication, sometimes it is required to call/meet required colleagues in person, especially in conflict cases
  • Use mentions That helpful for smart notifications
  • Use quotes
  • If emotions are overwhelming - update Chat picture and name - adding some prefix. See above. Revert it back when the storm is over.
  • Use Emails for Escalations. Some overloaded PMs/TMS can not read all skype chats, that should be understood.