Alexander Fimin

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Обо мне вкратце. Я предполагаю что Вы понимаете английский, поэтому пока не стал переводить, переведу попозже.

My Name is Alex Fimin/ (Меня зовут Александр Фимин, для коллег - Саша, для друзей - Саня).

I started working at at July 2006 (12.5 years ago from current date), while being a 3rd year student at MIPT ( ).

In parallel I was doing my bachelor study at with specialization in wireless sensor networks. Soon I faced with difficult choice: science or engineering. I've chosen NetCracker and never regretted it (to be honest I was frustrated several times, but never was disappointed). Reasons were (and still are) the following:

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